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The Americans with Disabilities Act is an important law designed to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. All businesses, public and private organizations must comply with these standards whether they are undergoing new construction or making alterations in design. Parking spaces are no exception to this law.

In brief, parking spaces shall be clearly marked with high contrasting line striping meeting dimensional requirements. Each space shall include an installed sign.
(a painted symbol on the ground is not a sign)
See below for more information on parking requirements.

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Signs Installed
We supply and install signs to meet federal and state ADA regulations. Without proper signage the parking space will not meet guidelines required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Massachusetts ADA Parking
Federal ADA Parking

van space

Van Accessible Space
Striping dimensions for a van space to allow access of a wheelchair lift gate equipped van.

standard space

Standard Accessible Space
This space would be adequate for a car and wheelchair access without lift gate requirements.

Massachusetts ada sign

MA State Spec. Sign
Massachusetts code requires installed signage to have special wording as shown to be compliant.